Courses and events

"The delivery was brilliant"

We love spreading the word and helping others to build their own skills and knowledge for living and working with the land and natural world.


That's why we run courses and events on a range of ecological gardening and permaculture topics.

At the moment, we don't have any events or courses planned, but when we do, they will be up here and promoted on our Facebook page.


In the meantime, below is a typical taste of the feedback from our past training events


"That was amazing. I can't believe how much information is in my head!"

"Not so much a gardening course as a wake-up call to the essence of life and how small acts can make a collective difference."

"Anyone interested in learning more about gardening and the natural process of growing, then we recommend this course."

"Thank you both so much for such an inspiring, informative and tailored session.  You have given me such a lot to think about."