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We believe

every outdoor space

is a patch of the planet

 and every patch 

 wants to thrive 


 We're on a mission 

Imagine a place where the soil pulses with life, where flowers host an orchestra of bees, and where the trees sing with birdsong.

Where wild foragers tiptoe and fly, and the night echoes with the whisper of wild visitors. 

Every garden can be this living, breathing place. A garden that enhances life for people and for nature, whilst treading lightly on the planet.


That's our mission. To get there, we run courses, design gardens and lead community projects, so you have the skills and confidence to create your own thriving garden, in harmony with nature. 

Join in on our mission to bring the natural world closer to home, patch by patch. 

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 '10 steps to a Nature Garden' 


** Early-Bird tickets available at an 80% discount **

Gain the know-how to create your own thriving, beautiful nature garden, transformed for you, for wildlife and for the planet.

  • Video tutorials

  • Ebooks, guides and plans to download

  • An online community to chat with

  • Regular live webinars 

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