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Who we are and what we're trying to do.

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What Patch of the Planet is about

Patch of the Planet is a smallholding nestled in the working rural community of North Pembrokeshire, on the Southern foothills of the Preseli hills.


It's also a project, where we try to reduce the impact we have on the natural world, and find ways to live better.


Our belief is that every patch of the planet that us humans make a mark on, however big or small, should be nurtured and treated as the living, thriving part of this planet that it is.

We think we should be trying to live alongside and as part of the natural world and managing the land and our lives in harmony with nature.

To achieve that means we're trying to do a few things differently to the norm.

  • trying to live more simply and questioning what we need a bit more.

  • trying to waste as little of everything as we can and produce as much of what we do feel we need from what we have available.

  • growing everything organically, working to support the life in our soil and treating animals with care.

  • designing for nature as well as for us, in everything we do

  • innovating and finding new ways to provide the products, flavours and experiences we seek, instead of automatically buying them.

  • designing ways to live that reduce dependence on big industrial systems.

  • And trying to live in line with what we call "ecolocalisation" - supporting and being a part of an independent, local economy that sees the whole living area - wild and human - as one.

We want to put some of these ideas and experiments out there to share and discuss, so as well as running a blog, we run courses and events to share some of it, and to learn from others in return.

Who we are

Patch of the Planet is run by three of us - Dina, Neil and our daughter. It's a family project run in close collaboration with a collection of hens, sheep, soil life and plants.

We have been together a fair while. As well as achieving some things things we're individually pleased with, we also jointly ran a successful garden design company in the North West. It used permaculture principles to create domestic gardens that supported wildlife as well as people. That company was called Patch of the Planet, a name we carried to our own patch right here.

We also collaborate on the much more important job of bringing up and home-educating our daughter.

Dina holds a Diploma in Professional Garden Design and has particular interests in edible and medicinal planting. She has had training from forest garden guru, Martin Crawford and medical herbalist, Penelope Ody.  She likes painting, singing and being a maker of things. Her finest creations are four wonderful humans.

Neil is a permaculture teacher and designer and has completed the Diploma in Applied Permaculture and Certificate in Permaculture Design. He ran the national community orchard charity The Orchard Project, has been Head of Activism at Friends of the Earth and has been a campaigner for CND and Global Justice Now (then known as the World Development Movement). He is a food-grower, a tree lover, an occasional songwriter and furniture-maker and a dog-lover.


What we do

We are up to all sorts of things here, all closely designed to work in harmony with the natural world.

  • Food growing and selling: We are developing the site from pasture to a variety of food growing areas, for us to eat and to sell at a small scale too.

  • Permaculture design for outdoor spaces.
    Find out more about our permaculture design service.


  • Training courses and workshops. We are a training hub, running permaculture courses and workshops on living in harmony with nature. Get a taste of it all here.

  • Running a small glamping and camping site: Find out more about our lovely camping experience.

  • Running a lovely B&B annexe. Our comfy holiday annexe bed and breakfast opens Early 2023. More soon!

  • Setting up a tree nursery selling trees for productive spaces that are best suited to a climate resilient future. Find out more.

  • And more. We're always up to something. When we have time, which isn't often, we make bespoke furniture, art and pottery.

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