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Permaculture is a way of using patterns and behaviours from nature to design human systems that work more in harmony with the natural world.

It's a fantastic and inspiring way of creating abundant, low-impact, smart designs that work well for people, for the planet and for the life around us. 

A lot about we do here can be seen through the lens of permaculture. 

Find out how to get involved with permaculture at Patch of the Planet below.     

Warrington forest garden.jpg

We have a long track record over many years, of working with private clients and community group to design and create beautiful, abundant spaces. Find out how we can work with you.


We run Permaculture Design Certificate courses (PDCs) and we also put on a range of other workshops and courses based around permaculture skills and knowledge. Find out about our latest courses.


Neil is a registered personal Diploma tutor with the Permaculture Association of Britain. If you are doing the Diploma in Applied Permaculture, or thinking about it, find out more about Neil's tutoring.

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