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Pentre ifan Photo by daniel morris - unsplash.jpg

The Preseli hills: mystical, wild, breathtaking

The remarkable Preseli hills are the great hidden gem of Pembrokeshire.

This vast, ancient landscape of wild moorland, heathland and grassland hills offers breathtaking views, remarkable neolithic stories, rare wildlife and wild horses and pure, simple silence.

You would be missing one of the country's great natural experiences if you didn't make a visit. Get a taste of some of the highlights of the Preselis below. Come to stay with us at Patch of the Planet and we can give you a few pointers while you're here too.

Some Preseli Hills highlights

Patch of the Planet sits on the Southern foothills of the Preselis, with the wild hilltop landscape just a few minutes' drive away and with a walk amongst the lower slopes available from the door. If you pay us a visit we can also give you a few pointers when you're here, but here are a few particular Preseli highlights.

Pentre Ifan

One of Wales' greatest neolithic structures, this 5000 year old structure is what remains of a burial chamber. It has an enormous stone on top which was somehow placed there delicately on the points on the upright stones below.  

Mynedd Carningli

This 347 metre high hill sits on the northern edge of the Preseli hills and holds a particularly magical place in this already quite mystical landscape. It is a source of many stories, tales and visions and according to legend, Saint Brynach climbed it frequently to pray, find peace and "commune with the angels" in the 5th century, It also hosts one of west Wales' largest hill forts.


Mynedd Castlebythe

Also sitting at 347m high, this is our closest Preseli hill and provides some of the most stunning views in the area. At the summit there is a truly wonderful view right across to the coastlines, islands and landscape of Pembrokeshire. It's a lovely walk just a few minutes drive or cycle from our spot.

Foel Cymcerywn

Mynedd Castlebythe is in fact a "child summit" of the Preseli hill's largest peak - Foel Cymcerwyn. The path up to the highest point in west Wales starts in Rosebush, just a few minutes drive or 20 minutes cycle from where we are.  Rosebush itself enjoys a lovely community pub - Tafarn Sinc - for when you get back down again. 

Gors Fawr stone circle 

Gors Fawr is a 22 metre circle of sixteen low-lying stones. It sits there quietly and without fanfare in the landscape, as it has for thousands of years. It is remarkable not for the size of the stones, but for its is gentle and ancient place in the wider landscape. 

The Golden Road

An ancient 8-mile route through these ancient hills, dating back thousands of years. Along the route are prehistoric remains, iron age forts and old burial cairns. 

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